Take the Call

As you know, the Wharton Alumni community is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. One of the key elements of our success is the willingness of alumni to help other alumni. 

Take the Call is a simple concept:
Wharton alumni should buy from Wharton alumni;
Wharton alumni should hire Wharton alumni;
Wharton alumni should invest in Wharton alumni; 
Wharton alumni should help Wharton alumni; 
and if a Wharton alumnus calls us for any reason we Take The Call.

The "Take The Call Forum" allows you to directly reach the Wharton Alumni Community in the Greater Charlotte area. Just post your message here and it will be promoted to the alumni in the Charlotte area.

Find opportunities offered by your fellow Wharton Alumni. Help an alumnus find answers; Get ideas and useful information.