Louis Foreman, Founder and CEO of Enventys

Date and Time
Thursday, April 7, 2016
5:30pm— 7:30pm
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Enventys - 520 Elliot St, Ste 200, Charlotte, NC 28202

Presentation and tour of the Enventys site for monitizing inventions and for the award winning PBS show Everyday Edisons. 

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Join us for a talk by Louis Foreman, Founder and CEO of Enventys, and a tour of their site for monitizing inventions and also for their award winning PBS show Everyday Edisons. Enventys, located in uptown Charlotte in the shadow of the Panthers Stadium, provides support for inventors: 

When:  Thursday, April 7, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (EDT) - Add to Calendar

Where:  Enventys - 520 Elliot St, Ste 200, Charlotte, NC 28202 - View Map

Time: 5:30-6:15 networking, 6:15 presentation and tour

Refreshments:  Refreshments will be served. 

Parking: Park in the Enventys Gated Lot. Enter the building at the stairwell marked Enventys. Input 300# on the keypad to get in.



Leave your preconceived notions behind. Enventys is a uniquely innovative company dedicated to helping you   stay far ahead of the competition. Simply put, we believe there are two ways   to grow your business: introduce new innovative products or sell more of what you already have. Whichever direction fits your needs, we can help you thrive with a proven approach that   delivers quantifiable results. Our 100 year old renovated warehouse in the heart of downtown Charlotte N.C. contains all the resources you'll need. We have   experts in industrial design, engineering, prototyping, web and interactive, branding and advertising, public relations and video production all under one roof to help you succeed from every angle. Instead of a singular focus or one size   fits all process, we provide solutions tailored to meet your needs with only one goal in mind; to maximize your return. Whether you choose to utilize all or just a few of our expert resources, our experience and passion will produce the results you seek.


Edison Nation:

Innovators just like you – parents, DIY-ers, scientists, designers and inventing newbies – make up the Edison Nation community. We’ve secured hundreds of deals for our community of idea people. We always pursue the most competitive terms and royalty structures on your behalf. Your success equals our success. To date, our products, in partnership with our community members, have earned more than $200 million in sales.


Louis Foreman is a prolific inventor, product developer, innovation enthusiast and small business entrepreneur. In 20 years, Louis has created nine successful startups and has been directly responsible for the creation of more than 20 others. In recent years, he’s been called upon by Congress to share his point of view on patent reform, by USA Today for commentary on entrepreneurship and often to address schools and universities to propel the advancement of innovation for all ages.

Louis Foreman is founder and Chief Executive of Enventys (www.enventys.com), an integrated product design and engineering firm. He is also CEO of Edison Nation (www.EdisonNation.com), and Edison Nation Medical(www.EdisonNationMedical.com ). Louis graduated from The University of Illinois with a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics. His interest in starting businesses and developinginnovative products began while a sophomore with his first company founded in his fraternity room. A prolific inventor, he is the inventor of 10 registered US Patents, and his firm is responsible for the development and filing of well over 600 more. 

In addition to being an inventor, Louis is also committed to inspiring others to be innovative. Louis is the creator of the Emmy® Award winning PBS TV show, Everyday Edisons, and serves as the Executive Producer and lead judge. The show is in its Fifth season and appears nationally on PBS. In 2007, Louis became the publisher of Inventors Digest, a 29 year old publication devoted to the topic of American Innovation. In 2009, his first book, The Independent Inventor’s Handbook, was published by Workman Publishing.

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Enventys - 520 Elliot St, Ste 200, Charlotte, NC 28202

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