President's Message

88.jpgWelcome to the Wharton Charlotte Alumni Club Website.

Our club is based in Charlotte. There are over a thousand Wharton Alumni and many Penn Alumni in the region who all call our club “home”.

One of the most important missions of our Club is to provide the best network of business contacts for its members. We also offer lifelong education opportunities through our speakers program that reflects a variety of businesses. We will continue to invite Wharton faculty to speak to the Club whenever possible. We also have fun when we are together! Our annual family BBQs have become a tradition and are always the best-attended events of the year. .

Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the USA. In time, we plan to have our club reflect the diversity and quality of our local business environment.

Our Club is "staffed" entirely by volunteers. Our hope is that many people will volunteer a little bit of time. This way, we will be able to offer you and our other members more and more services. 

There is an old saying about networking:

“You have to dig the well before you can drink from it!”

Please volunteer to help us build the club. There are many portfolios reflecting various levels of time commitment and interest. If you wish to help, please email me at [email protected] and let me know what your interests are, what YOU want out of the Club, and how much "free" time you have to help. Based on past feedback, our members want jobs, business leads, lifelong education, spouses, golf partners, dinner friends, etc.

JOIN the Wharton Charlotte Club now! Enroll as a member by clicking on the “Join Now” tab. Start “drinking from the well” immediately.  Many of our events will give members preferential attendance where numbers are limited and certainly, it is less expensive to attend events if you are a member. If you attend a few events a year it will be less expensive to pay for an annual membership subscription than pay for each event. If you plan to attend a number of events, join as a Joseph Wharton Member and come to all events at no extra charge.

One of our goals within the Wharton Alumni Network is to make membership so "valuable" that all of the 95,000 Alumni around the world will want to join a Club.

We encourage Alumni to "Take the Call". If a fellow Alumnus calls you, "Take the Call". One day, it might be YOU making that call! Over time, we hope to be able to offer discounts for goods and services that will be available to members only.

The more of you that volunteer, the more we will be able to enhance the value of your membership.


Kind regards,

Rajan Merchant, W'01
Wharton Charlotte Club